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Recently I've thought of a few small changes that would be really convenient/nice to have.
1. /entity, or /clear or some command to check how much time is remaining until the next entity clear.
2. In McMMo parties, for party teleports to be toggled off for players by default. Just seems like a bad idea to have tp's that people don't have to accept.
3. With that being said, I also think friendly fire should be on for parties. Not sure if this would be possible, but it would be nice to have.
4. Something like a /ranktop, that shows the highest ranked players and/or a /list that lists the online players by highest rank.
I like all of these! Especially /entity lol. I don't have the best judgement of time, so maybe even a 30 second warning, followed by a 5-10 second warning for entity clear